Your Premier Source for DMN Product Equipment and Dinies UV/Ozone Sterilisation Solutions in New Zealand

Schicker Solutions, (SS) provide equipment and solutions for DMN products within New Zealand and also  a full range of Dinies UV and Ozone Sterilisation Applications. Many Dry food processing  Units utilize Rotary and divert valves for dry product conveying, DMN have applications which will suit most situations.

Sanitising your food products, sterilising packing and processing crates through to ensuring any ventilation air is sterile and free from odours, are only a few of the applications.

This low cost sanitisation process is extremely effective without the use of chemicals, water or heat.


An Evidence Based Service Programme can be introduced to service all DMN Equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner. This programme keeps the life cycle cost to a minimum while ensuring the operability of the asset.

Schicker Solutions  offer servicing of all DMN products with their Certified Service Agent Advance Mechanical Services in Morrinsville.

The DMN Database has all of the equipment information stored,  and when servicing, that information allows the certified Engineer to service your equipment with all of the correct information.

The unit will be serviced and set up as per the suppliers recommendation.


Schicker Solutions (SS) opened as an independent consultancy and parts supplier to the sanitary food-processing industry for Dinies and DMN Products in April 2022, after industry expert, Tony Schicker, stepped back from many years of employment within the food-processing industry to introduce the evidence-based Service Programmes to improve plant processing reliability.

We know the life cycle costs of an Asset which allows a more informed decision to be made when replacing assets.